Read more about our projects, past and present.

Community Conservation Project: New Project!

The Community Conservation Project has been introduced to encourage local interest and participation in wildlife conservation, and to establish sustainable, community-led volunteering groups. The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group will support and be a hub for collaborative conservation work, across the Peninsula. Learn more.

FLOW (Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands) Project: 2015 – Present

FLOW is a Heritage Lottery Funded Project to survey and improve the ditch network of the Manhood Peninsula. Using a range of land management strategies, the capacity of ponds and the ability of rifes and ditches to flow water away to the sea is improved, lowering the risk of flooding and providing a stable and important home to many species, including the fast-declining water vole. Learn more.

 Sidlesham Land Settlement Association Heritage Trail Project: 2015 – Present

The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group developed the Sidlesham Heritage Trail – a tour of the local impact of the Land Settlement Association (LSA), which began in the 1930’s. An exhibition has been displayed at the Novium Museum since 2015 and an LSA house is to be re-erected at The Weald and Downland Museum. Learn more on The Sidlesham Heritage Trail Website.

Water Vole Project: 2011 – 2015

The Water Vole Project began in 2011 with the creation of an Action Plan for Water Voles, funded by the Big Lottery, that would cover the Manhood Peninsula until 2020. With a resilient population of water voles and the scope for many potential habitats to be linked to current active sites, the peninsula was an ideal place to implement the plan and start the Water Vole Patrol. Project history coming soon!