Tooled-up for the Task Ahead

Post by Rebecca

On Wednesday morning, a small group of MWHG volunteer leaders and staff took advantage of the autumn sunlight to unpack and label a large cache of new tools. Having been inundated by the newly ordered implements, it was a relief to FLOW Project Manager, Jane, to finally get them all out of the house and stored safely in the container! The tools, amongst which are spades, billhooks, hand-saws and rakes, are a timely acquisition, and have been distributed to different sub-groups for use across the peninsular. The tool’s arrival is also welcomed ahead of the FLOW Project’s busy autumn and winter work programme.


© Rebecca O’Dowd

Posing with an array of new tools, and itching to get started with them out in the field.

This addition to MWHG’s work-party resources is a result of a successful application to the WSCC’s Operation Watershed Fund, which was set up to support community and flood group initiatives tackling flood issues across the country. To qualify for the money, MWHG had to demonstrate the wider benefit of its work to the community, through education, training and sustainability- not just direct action- and have the support of the County Councillor. The outcome of that funding application, was that MWHG were awarded an impressive £3000 for new tools. Reflecting on the benefit this will have, FLOW Project Manager Jane Reeve, says “ I am looking forward to the difference this will help us make in enhancing local habitats, such as ditches, ponds and hedges- all of which contribute to controlling surface water and flood risk”. Lots of new tools require lots of volunteers to use them however, and the MWHG and FLOW Project are always looking for more ‘hands on deck’ to help meet their ambitious targets for surveying and improving wildlife habitats, across the Manhood Peninsula.


© Rebecca O’Dowd

It was a test of skill, teamwork and ingenuity to assemble to two wheelbarrows!

If you are interested in volunteering for the MWHG or FLOW Project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a variety of volunteer roles available, and a full schedule of upcoming work party events, including regular ‘Flow Fridays’ and ‘Welly Wednesdays’. You can check out our events calendar, or keep in the loop by following us on Facebook and Twitter @mwhgpage 

For more information on volunteering near you and how you can get involved, please contact Rebecca O’Dowd (Communications and Engagement Officer) on:


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