Shortlisted for the National Biodiversity Network Award

Volunteers looking at small mammals at a BioBlitz with FLOW Team Jane Reeve (far right, foreground) and Chris Drake (far left, foreground).

Volunteers at a BioBlitz event with FLOW Team Jane Reeve (right, foreground) and Chris Drake (left, foreground).

The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) has been selected in the shortlist for the National Biodiversity Network’s (NBN) Lynne Farrell Group Award, for wildlife recording!

Our charity surveys wildlife on the Manhood Peninsula regularly, as we believe that recording our environment and openly sharing this information on a local and national level, is vital to creating a successful conservation strategy.

FLOW Project Leader Jane Reeve, who hosts many surveying events, praised our volunteer’s efforts, “Thank you to everyone who inputs their biological records and adds to the body of data about this area – so important on lots of levels”. The NBN also asked Jane about the importance of wildlife recording and this interview can be read on their website here.

On November 21st there will be an awards ceremony where the MWHG will be up against three other organizations for the main prize in the Lynne Farrell Group Award category.

If you would like to help us collect as much information about the Peninsula as possible, you can download a species recording sheet or upload your wildlife photos and sightings, through our website here. This data is uploaded to iRecord, on your behalf.

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