Haydon’s Pond

Working in Haydon's Pond

Working in Haydon’s Pond
©2011 tba

We have been working at this roadside farm pond in Almodington for two years now.  We had a lot of work to do clearing out an accumulation of rubbish and dead tree branches.  A long spell without rain the first summer meant the pond dried out and we could get right in there!  We used the dead branches to create a dead hedge on the east side of the pond which forms a new habitat.  We took down some overhanging branches to open up the pond to daylight.  We also cleared the ditch feeding the pond.  Tracks of deer and badgers were found in the mud when this dried out. Two pond dips,one when we commenced work, when there seemed to be very little life, and  at the end of the first year, showing a greatly increased number of invertebrates, prove our efforts are successful.  Water voles have also returned to the site.  This very wet period has meant the pond is almost permanently flooded, and we have been unable to do much, but an owl box has been erected as a Barn Owl uses the area.

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