Cold Snaps: Photos from our Winter Work Projects

FLOW Project

Removing Willow from the relic pond at Hilton Business Park © Chris Drake, November 2017

As part of the Fixing and Linking our Wetlands (FLOW) Project, volunteers have been clearing invasive Willow from overgrown ponds across the Manhood Peninsula. At the relic pond in East Wittering, our working party made quick progress, with FLOW Field Officer, Chris, managing to clear seven large willow trees with a chain saw in a single session! These Willow cuttings are used to make stakes and binders for hedge laying and the team plans to return soon to create a dead hedge at the Hilton Business Park site. This natural barrier will decay over time, enriching the ground, whilst providing shelter for insects and other wildlife throughout its life.

ASHE Group

Collecting debris for the bug house at Morgan’s Pond © Jane Reeve, December 2017

On a recent tool organizing day, ASHE volunteers took the opportunity to check in on the new hedge and replenish the bug house at Morgan’s Pond, in Almodington, with natural material. The Almodington, Sidlesham, Highleigh and Earnley (ASHE) Group maintain sites within their parishes year-round to reinforce habitats. This is especially important to do now for winter-hibernating creatures, before freezing temperatures take hold.

East Beach Pond

Maintaining the island and reed beds at East Beach Pond © Dave Haldane, November 2017

East Beach pond, in Selsey, received Gold from the South & South-East in Bloom Awards this year, thanks to our East Beach Pond Group’s hard work! Restoration of the pond brings wildlife to the water and ensures the built-in flood prevention system continues to benefit local people. In November, the volunteers took the boat out to the island to reduce scrub and cut back the surrounding reed beds, preserving the pond for next year.


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