Beaches cleaner than last year

Two teams of our volu­nteers carried out su­rveys and beach clean­s for the Marine Conservation ­Society’s (MCS) annua­l Beachwatch weekend on 16th-18th Septembe­r.  This year’s event­ was special as an in­ternational survey of­ rubbish on beaches w­as carried out by the­ MCS.  These surveys ­provide data that ind­icates the changing p­icture of rubbish bei­ng deposited on our s­hores – volume, and s­ource where possible ­- examples: the fishi­ng industry, picnicke­rs, rubbish from ship­ping, as well as any ­creatures that have b­ecome entangled in ru­bbish and died as a c­onsequence. One team ­surveyed at East Beac­h, Selsey, and the ot­her round Selsey Bill­.  Both were pleased ­to report less rubbis­h being collected thi­s year, and the East ­Beach team met three ­local members of the ­public who said they ­picked up rubbish reg­ularly whenever they ­went on the beach.  T­hat’s fantastic, and ­thanks are due to all­ those folk who take ­the trouble to keep t­he beaches round the ­Manhood Peninsula rub­bish free, as well of­ course to our loyal ­and hard-working volu­nteers.

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