Wildlife and Habitats

The Manhood Peninsula is fortunate enough to contain many environments that support a wide range of species. Our landscape consists of low lying clay coastal plain, which rises north into the chalk South Downs. Special habitats found here include salt marshes, fresh inland waterways, sand dunes, mud flats and vegetated shingle, all of which are becoming increasingly rare in the UK. The Manhood area also contains sites with special protection, because of their wildlife value, such as the Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve, Chichester Harbour and the Medmerry Realignment.

We divide our conservation work between particular species deemed a priority to protect. A priority species may be suffering a drastic decline in population or habitats and could be an indicator species (a species whose presence or absence provides information on climate changes). By surveying the numbers of these threatened animals and creating or maintaining habitats accordingly, we safeguard other wildlife too.

See below to learn more about the species and habitats we protect.

Priority species



Special habitats

Vegetated Shingle