Community Conservation Project

The Community Conservation Project has been introduced to encourage local interest and participation in wildlife conservation, and to establish sustainable, community-led volunteering groups.

A key part of this project is highlighting the significance of taking care of our environment as a connected network. The Community Conservation Officer will be engaging with groups, individuals, and involving local organizations and businesses, to build conservation knowledge, discussion and co-operation in the area. The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) will support and be a hub for collaborative conservation work across the Peninsula. 

Over the course of the 12 month project, a model for managing volunteering activities will be produced to provide a legacy of leadership, wildlife -friendly land management and surveying skills that will sustain the creation of volunteer-run groups and projects, in wider Parishes. In addition, there will be new ways to get involved in our projects, both current and new, over the coming year.

You can read about what it’s like to volunteer with the MWHG or sign up to join in as a regular volunteer, on our volunteering page.

The Community Conservation Officer will be available to work with community groups and organisations to talk about the steps we can take to help wildlife and the environment. Contact us about this project, via the contact form.