GETTING TO GRIPS: Wetland management for people and wildlife



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The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) encourages people to look after their local environment and heritage. Members care for the various habitats across the Manhood Peninsula where wildlife can flourish. Some of the sites managed by our volunteers may be home to rare species, others help form a network of rich and diverse habitats. These range from rural rifes or ditches to urban parks and our own backyards.

Volunteers participate in fieldwork, conservation projects, or the development of initiatives
to help wildlife adapt to climate change – all helping to safeguard the unique qualities of the Manhood Peninsula for the future.
England’s most endangered mammal – the water vole – lives in the network of wetlands and forms a regionally important population on the peninsula. They are fully protected by law. The group has a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) project which has established a Vole Patrol, runs courses and carries out surveys.
The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) is a registered charity (No 1147335) and a company limited by guarantee (No 07629112).