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Share your wildlife sightings from the Manhood Peninsula, below Chichester.

How to record my sightings
You can fill out a recording sheet to keep track of your sightings. To enter multiple records, upload a filled out wildlife recording sheet, below.

Wildlife Recording Sheet View Printable PDF
Wildlife Recording Sheet Download Fillable Form
How to provide the location of my sighting where there is no address

To provide an exact location for your record, using WGS 48 (World Geodetic System) co-ordinates:

  • Go to google maps at www.google.co.uk/maps/
  • Find the location of your sighting and click on that area until a small grey tear drop appears.
  • Below the tear drop, a text box will appear showing two long numbers. Click on either of the numbers.

  • The left hand menu will now show the co-ordinates (eg. 50°44’00.2″N 0°46’21.4″W), which can be copied and pasted into your recording sheet.

Upload Multiple Wildlife Records

Use this form to upload your wildlife records, taken on the Manhood Peninsula. Details entered via this form will be shared with the Biological Records Centre iRecord database (www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/).

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Record Details

Downloadable wildlife recording sheets can be found under "How to record my sightings" at the top of this page. Please tell us as much as possible about your sightings, using our recording sheets, as this ensures enough data is provided to verify your record, with iRecord.
For accuracy, it is recommended that you include the location coordinates for each record. To find coordinates: Click on the map to open Google Maps in another tab and follow the instructions "How do I provide the location of my sighting where there is no address", above this form.
To include photographic evidence, enter the record using the 'Enter a Quick Wildlife Record' form (for a single species, date and location) instead, where you will be able to upload your photo.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Maximum file size: 5 MB. Formats accepted: .doc, .pdf

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