Water Vole Surveying

Water vole surveying takes place in spring and autumn to assess water vole presence and absence at particular sites.  In May  2014 we carried out surveys at three farm ponds in Highleigh.  these are sites that have previously had excellent water vole signs but it has been a tough winter with lots of flooding so we wanted to check that water voles were still present.  This is also an opportunity to check the habitat is still suitable for water voles with lots of diverse vegetation, clean water and no litter.

IMG_2895Sheep dip pond






IMG_2906Fly tip pond






IMG_2905 Mapsons Farm Pond

These sites are excellent habitats for water voles but they do suffer from drying out after prolonged periods without rain.  There is plenty of vegetation for the water voles to eat and to act as cover from predators.







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