Water Vole Patrol

The water Vole Patrol are a group of volunteers that work in the countryside of the Manhood Peninsula with farmers and other landowners to secure the long term future of the nationally rare and endangered water vole.  The key to their long term survival is connecting up the small colonies that live across the area in ponds, ditches, rifes, reedbeds and canals, to encourage genetic diversity, to ensure dispersal of young and to allow movement during environmental stress, and finally, American mink eradication.

The water voles do not always live in pristine and quiet waterways.  One colony of water voles lives in the Bremere Rife in Hunston and this a fairly urban stretch with a fast busy and noisy road adjacent to it. There is some vegetation but the site of the most active burrows are found close to a pub and the water course here is full of litter and broken glass.  Water voles seem to adapt and be very loyal to burrow systems.

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