The Selsey Tram

The Selsey Tram or Tramway is a very popular subject for local historians, partly because of its rather eccentric nature and also its eventful history in terms of variety of engines, minor disasters and flooding problems.

The Selsey Tram Walk

The Selsey Tram Walk Leaflet ©2010 MWHG

It was a standard gauge railway running between Selsey and Chichester but was designated as a tramway. This permitted a lower standard of construction and fewer regulations and inspections, except for severe speed restrictions.

Even so, the 1913 timetable 1 showed the scheduled time from Selsey to Chichester as 30mins – not bad considering there were four halts on the way. The record time from Selsey to Chichester was claimed to be 18mins, held by Tim Johnson driving the engine “Sidlesham” 1. However, by reputation, in later years the trains were expected to be late! The line closed in 1935.

The publications section of the MWHG has produced a leaflet illustrating a walk along what little remains of the old route.


Books on the Selsey Tram

1 The Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Edward Griffith Langham Herald Press Farnham 1968  
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