The New Volunteer Welcome Pack has Landed!

Earlier this week, the new volunteer welcome pack finally rolled out of Selsey Press. As Communications Officer, the design and production of this pack has been one of the key projects during my first 6 months in post. The rationale behind the pack is to provide volunteers with a background to the MWHG as an organisation, along with information on where we work and the volunteering opportunities available. In the early stages of developing the pack, I spoke to several volunteers, and the issues that came up included: How is the MWHG structured and who are the main contacts in the organisation? What is the FLOW Project and how does it fit with our other work? What locations do we work in, and how do we know what other volunteering opportunities there are? The pack seeks to answer these questions and in doing so, will make it easier for volunteers to orientate themselves within the MWHG and choose when, where and how they would like to volunteer. In addition to this, the pack is a support document, covering important topics such as lone working and work-party safety, that are relevant to established and new volunteers alike.

Contents of the new volunteer welcome pack. ©R. O’Dowd

Contents of the new volunteer welcome pack. ©R. O’Dowd

The production of this pack has been a joint effort. The exact contents were hammered out at a brain-storming session with Jane Reeve, Chris Drake, Sheila Wilkinson and Dave Haldane, and finalised after a review and discussion with Joe Savill. In the months since, Joe, Jane, Chris have all contributed content, which I’ve then developed and structured into the new pack format. The pack contents are held within a useful folder that volunteers can use to keep other documents about MWHG too. With all the different sections to check, there was lots of proof-reading to do before the final copy went to the printers, so further thanks to Joe, Jane and Chris for help with this. Mike Wickens at Selsey Press has been excellent in discussing the printing options, and the quality of the finished product has exceeded my expectations.

I now have the task of compiling the contents of all 200 packs, and will do this in batches with many cups of tea and biscuits to keep me going! The first packs will be going out to volunteers shortly via the group leaders and any volunteers that can’t be reached this way will receive a copy in the post or at a later event. The pack will go to all existing and new volunteers who are currently active in contributing their time to our work.  Despite our small size as an organisation, I believe MWHG now has a welcome pack worthy of our fantastic volunteers, and it is an important way in which we can show how much we value the time and effort that they contribute.

Over time, there is scope to add and revise the welcome pack contents as needed, and I would welcome feedback from volunteers. Please email with your comments.


Communications and Engagement Officer for MWHG


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