Team Building Day in North Mundham

Environment Agency Staff Installing Dead Hedge Stakes © Jane Reeve 2019

As a charity with over 20 years of experience in conservation, we have put on many training days to share our accumulated knowledge and skills on creating long lasting habitats for wildlife. For our FLOW project leader, Jane Reeve, these training sessions are a great opportunity to get people interacting with the outdoors while they learn both new and traditional methods of caring for the environment. 

Dead hedge at the North Mundham canal © Jane Reeve 2019

On December 6th, Jane took eight keen individuals from the Environment Agency (EA) out to the Arundel-to-Chichester canal in North Mundham, for a team building day of muddy (but fun!) work. The chair of North Mundham parish council, Tim Russell, and some of our regular volunteers, also took part. The main task for the day was to secure a newly created dead hedge, which stretches along the length of the canal. This natural barrier protects pedestrians from the steep sloping banks and helps to prevent litter and pollutants from entering the water.

Volunteers hammer wooden stakes into the ground © Jane Reeve 2019
Volunteers create a border of stakes for the hedge © Jane Reeve 2019

To ensure the hedge would survive the coming months, the EA team needed to hammer 125 heavy stakes into the ground, to support the piled branches. Despite the harsh weather conditions, everyone pulled together and made quick work of the task – FLOW field officer, Chris Drake, even had to leave the site to collect more stakes for the volunteers to install. After successfully completing the hedge work, the team took on some additional tree pruning and even pulled out a bench which had been thrown into the water, since the team’s previous working party at the canal.


Volunteers pruning falling branches © Jane Reeve 2019
Volunteers retrieving a tipped bench from the canal © Jane Reeve 2019

Thank you to the group from the Environment Agency, parish chairman Tim Russell and our awesome FLOW volunteers for securing the progress of this site, for the winter.


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The fantastic volunteers from North Mundham Parish Council, the EA and the FLOW project © Jane Reeve 2019

Post by Nicola Timney

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