Moths – The Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)

The Vestal

Key facts

The Vestal is a migrant species, mainly occurring in southern England in varying numbers. In good immigration years, several hundred may appear, and some may turn up almost anywhere in Britain.

The species breeds in southern Europe and North Africa, and the caterpillars live on knotgrass (Polygonum), dock (Rumex) and other low plants.

It flies mainly at night and is regularly attracted to light.


Upright resting posture, with forewings held at steep angle. Forewing has various intensities of pink pigmentation (ranging from cream to pink). The amount and intensity of the pink pigmentation is somewhat variable. At rest on the moth’s forewing you are able to see a predominate line that runs from the abdomen area out to the wingtip, this again can vary depending on pigmentation.

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