Moths – Striped Hawk-moth (Hyles livornica)

Striped Hawk-moth

Key facts

A scarce immigrant species, which occurs in small numbers in most years, mainly in the south.

Nowadays, most records are of adults attracted to light, but in good years, caterpillars can also be found, the progeny of earlier arrivals. They feed on low plants such as bedstraw (Galium) and dock (Rumex).

The species generally arrives between May and October.


Adults are greenish-brown with two lateral white stripes on the thorax. The abdomen has black and white bands with a series of small white marks along the dorsal surface. The forewings are greenish-brown, with a pale yellow stripe running from the base to the apex of the wing. This is overlain with a series of fine white lines. The hindwings are pinkish red with a small white patch near the basal area of each wing and a black band near the terminal border.


If found report to MWHG/County Lepidoterist as soon as possible and provide photographic proof if possible.

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