MWHG Photo Competition: Our Winners!

Our five judges convened on the 15th August to decide on the winners of our 20th Anniversary Photo Competition. We were hoping that, in holding the competition, people would go out and capture images that would help us celebrate the wonderful wildlife, landscape and heritage of the Manhood Peninsula- we were not disappointed. In the end we had a very good response to our competition, so thank you to all who entered, and the judges had some very worthy images to choose between.

The judges were asked to select a winner for each of the four categories (wildlife, landscape, heritage and an under-16 category entitled ‘my local nature’), along with an overall winner across all the categories. We are delighted to reveal the winning photos and name our Top 20 Photos list, here. We will be displaying the top 20 photos, including the winners, at local venues over the coming months. Well done to all our winners for helping to show what a beautiful and diverse place our local Peninsula can be.


Winner of Landscape Category and Overall Winner

“Sunset over East Head” by Heather Brooks

“Sunset over East Head” by Heather Brooks


As her reason for choosing this picture to submit, our winning photographer Heather comments “My 2x great grandfather, Nathaniel Moore was born in 1837 in a cottage located on Snowhill, the remains of which are still visible today. This is practically the same view he would have seen growing up with his family nearly two hundred years ago”.

The judges commented that Heather’s photo was “beautifully executed and a lovely picture”.


Wildlife Category Winner

“Little Egret fishing on a crisp December morning” by Mary Patterson

“Little Egret fishing on a crisp December morning” by Mary Patterson


Commenting on her picture, Mary says “As an amateur wildlife photographer, I usually take my best photos in my local areas. I wanted to show some colour and behaviour of the bird that would draw the viewer into the scene. Little egrets are elegant birds and ever so sharp with their eyes to spot a fish. I felt this photo showed all the elements for an engaging contest entry.”

The judges said that Mary’s photo had “good colour and exudes peace and tranquillity” and also that the image shows a “Little Egret doing what it does best”.


Heritage Category Winner

“Rescue Sight” by Gemma Hinton

“Rescue Sight” by Gemma Hinton


Heritage winner Gemma comments, “The reason I chose it is because for me it captures the temporary nature of our coastal heritage – how something like the Lifeboat Station that you grow used to seeing every day can disappear and the whole line of the coast is altered. It also captures a mix of what has formed the heritage of Selsey – the RNLI, the lobster pots symbolising the seafood trade and the old rusty machinery reminding us of the many fishing boats that leave and return to the shores, unnoticed by many, in the early hours, as regular as the sunrise. All of these things also represent man made things used to manage our relationship with the ocean and the lines in the picture remind me of how we try to impose order on an uncontrollable force of nature as the Lifeboat Station stands as a stark warning on the horizon.”

The judges thought that Gemma’s photograph “captures Selsey in a single image”.


Under 16 ‘My Local Nature’ Category Winner

“Black Sea Bream” by Sophie Reeve-Foster

“Black Sea Bream” by Sophie Reeve-Foster


Sophie reflects on her photo, “this endangered species surprised us while we were scuba diving off selsey coast”.

The judges commented that it was “nice to see an underwater shot”, so thanks to Sophie for reminding us of the important wildlife that lies just offshore, but which is an important part of the environment of our Peninsula.


Well done to the following entrants, who complete our Top 20 Photos list. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter to see these photos and be notified of upcoming exhibitions, where they will be on display!


Heritage Entries

Richard Broadhurst “Pagham Lagoon, February”
Lesley Bromley “St. Mary Sidlesham”


Wildlife Entries

Valerie Gatehouse “Orange Tip”
Lesley Bromley “Grey Seal”
Gemma Hinton “Lithe Lizard”
Gordon Richards “Sparowhawk”
Jessica Head “Grey Squirrel in My Garden”
Gavin Langley “Black Swan and Cygnets”
Sue Owen “Mother and Baby Ducks”


Landscape Entries

William Brooks “Farmland”
Jocelyn Coates “The Severals”
Richard Broadhurst “North Wall Pagham, February”
Beverley Inscoe “Selsey Bird Perch”
Meryn Woodland “Medmerry”
Jessica Head “West Wittering Beach”
Carole Bath “Another World”


Many thanks to our judges, Brian Henham, Ruth Mariner, Roy Newnham, Peter White and Veronica Wilkes, who volunteered their time to decide our winners and Top 20 photos, you did a great job!

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