Manhood Heritage

The  Heritage section of The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group is, and will always be, work in progress based on members’ interests.

The immediate surrounding area is steeped in evidence from the past from a Roman dwelling in Sidlesham to Selsey’s direct involvement in World War Two.  Fishing and farming are long standing occupations on the Manhood Peninsula, both have evolved over time and again there is much evidence available to ensure that the story of these local traditions is preserved for future generations.

Several heritage projects have already been extensively researched, for example the Selsey Tram, and others can be investigated further at a local level, such as the impact of the Land Settlement Association in Sidlesham.

If you are interested in finding out more about local heritage there is a lot of support to help you.

If you would like to research a particular local heritage aspect, for example your family, your house or a local business, please let us know and we will advertise your interest through the newsletter to promote support and develop your project.