The publications group has produced a leaflet about the Manhood Ecological Network and also a series of leaflets covering local walks researched by our members.

Manhood Ecological Leaflet

The Manhood Ecological Network Leaflet explains about the joint project to map and record key wildlife species and their habitats across the Manhood Peninsula. It explains what an ecological network is and how ‘Wildlife corridors’ can help to create a space for wildlife species to move from area to area. The MWHG works with landowners, parish councils, local organizations as well as local residents and visitors to identify green spaces and investigate how they can be linked for the benefit of wildlife.

The leaflet can be downloaded as a pdf ecoleafletv7green

Selsey Walks

There are six leaflets in the “A Sense of Place” series and a further leaflet describing three walks to “Discover all the Blue Plaques around Selsey”.

Seaside Stroll

©2008 MWHG

Tales of Medmerry Marshes

©2007 MWHG

East Beach Amble

©2007 MWHG

The Selsey Tram Way

©2008 MWHG

Tracks, Trees and Tees

©2011 MWHG

Beyond the Sleepy Lagoon

©2011 MWHG

The Selsey Heritage Trail

©2011 MWHG


Walks Leaflet Outlets

Our walks leaflets can be purchased from the following places:-
Chichester District Council, Selsey Office
Hunston Post Office (Tramway Walks only)
St. Andrews Lodge, Selsey
Selsey Arts and Crafts, High Street, Selsey
Selsey Printing and Publishing
Selsey Town Council Office
Tourist Information Centre, South Street Chichester
Tourist Information Centre, Midhurst
West Sussex County Council, Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve

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