Heritage of the Manhood Peninsula

Original Settlers at Keynor Hut 1937, photo provided by Bill Martin


The Manhood Peninsula is steeped in evidence of the past from Early Neolithic pottery discovered during the creation of the Medmerry Coastal Realignment to Selsey’s involvement in World War Two. Fishing and farming are long standing occupations in the area, both have evolved over time and again there is much evidence available to ensure that the story of these local traditions is preserved for future generations.

Members of MWHG have undertaken a number of ‘Heritage’ Projects:

Selsey has several Blue Plaques and a heritage trail leaflet has been produced which explains their history and shows their location.

Selsey is also home to a number of railway carriages and their stories and locations are recorded in the heritage trail leaflet.

There is also a walking trail leaflet which follows the line of the Selsey Tram, explaining its development and listing the stations en route.

Sidlesham also has a heritage trail based on the development of a Land Settlement Association (LSA) in the 1930s. An exhibition has been displayed at the Novium Museum since 2015 and an LSA house is to be re-erected at The Weald and Downland Museum. Read about the Land Settlement Association, on the Novium Website

If you are interested in finding out more about local heritage, support can be found via the heritage links provided.

If you would like to research a particular local heritage aspect, for example your family, your house or a local organisation, please contact us and we will advertise your interest through the newsletter to promote, support and develop your project.