Hedgerow Update September 2013

Two and a half years have passed since we planted the new hedgerow at Mile Pond Farm. A dry start led to a quarter of the young hedging plants failing in their first year. Of those surviving, some have fared better than others. Those at the lower (wetter) end of the site have put on the most growth.

Once the hedgerow is fully established, we hope to hone our hedge laying skills. In the meantime, maintenance working parties keep down the worst of the pernicious weeds growing in the hedge line. However, we do leave a few flowering plants to add interest and to benefit the insect world. Side trimming and topping will ensure growth does not encroach on The Salterns Way Cycle Path, nor obstruct views across the fields to the South Downs.

© 2011 Felicity McStea

At 7 months – Oct 2011




© 2013 Felicity McStea

Great Willowherb (Epilobium hirsutum)    growing in hedgerow – Aug 2013



© Felicity McStea

At 2½ years – Sept 2013






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