GETTING TO GRIPS: Wetland management for people and wildlife: Timing of Management

Timing of Management Management Task Timing

Undertake baseline survey to find out what wildlife is using the site and what the tasks are that need doing and how your bit of the network links into the whole Parish/area.

Periodic Management 

Deep silt removal – as necessary.

Re-profiling of the banks – where they are too steep or they have been affected by flooding and washed out

Removal of trees – when necessary, leave some dead wood on site if

NB; Take care with vehicles on the bank edges as these can crush water vole burrows

Winter months – October to March

Annual Management

Vegetation Cutting – the type of cut depends on flood risk but best not to undertake work on both sides in the same year – a 3 yearly rotation is ideal with a cut each side and 1 year off.

Should be done at the end of September/October.

Light silt removal – carry out only from one side of the bank – taking care with heavy machinery that it doesn’t collapse the bank.

Best carried out in winter months.

Large debris removal – removal as soon as possible to prevent flooding.

Best done in winter if heavy machinery necessary

Monthly management  Rubbish removal – ensure swift removal of any rubbish to prevent rats

All through the year

Debris removal – speedy removal to prevent

All through the year

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