GETTING TO GRIPS: Wetland management for people and wildlife: Contacts and References


Chichester District Council – East Pallant House, 1 East Pallant, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1TY Tel: 01243 785166
• Recreational Disturbance project, Sarah Hughes
• EcoNetwork mapping, Stephanie Evans

Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group –

West Sussex County Council
• Operation Watershed
• Ecologists: Don Baker, Ben Rainbow

Acknowledgements: Ed Dickinson and Peter Smith, WSCC; Ben Rainbow, WSCC ecologist; Ed Rowsell, CHC Ecologist;
Graham Williams and Damon Block, EA; Cllr Margaret Whitehead; Illustrations: John Davis;
Photographs: Jane Reeve; Booklet designed by The Creative Company, Peterborough.

Printing: Selsey Press Ltd.


WSCC Local Flood Risk Management Report 2012 ( County Report
and local area reports

Water Vole Action Plan for the Manhood Peninsula 2011-2020 by Jane Reeve and Jill Sutcliffe (MWHG 2011). Included on the MWHG website

Water Vole Conservation Handbook 3rd Edn by Rob Strachan, Tom Moorhouse and Merryl Gelling (WildCru, 2011)

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