GETTING TO GRIPS: Wetland management for people and wildlife: Benefits of Management

There are many benefits of managing waterways which affect us both aesthetically and economically while also improving the quality of the wildlife environment of the area.

  • Flood prevention – water is able to move away from residential areas and out to sea through clear waterways.
  • Attractive to wildlife – these waterways become attractive to a range of wildlife including the nationally rare Water Vole.
  • Diversity of wildlife – this will increase with invertebrates, birds, fish, amphibians and, hopefully, otters using these habitats.
  • Lack of pollution and litter build up – regularly cleared ditches that look clean and managed attract less fly tipping and improve everyone’s quality of life.
  • Not attractive to rats – ditches with no litter will not attract rats as they prefer an easy meal. This will also allow Water Voles to live in them as rats are one of the mammal’s predators.
Site attractive to rats

Site attractive to rats

Site less attractive to rats

Site less attractive to rats

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