Surveying the Manhood Peninsula

We need your help to survey the environment, across the Manhood Peninsula.*

*This includes, Birdham, Bracklesham, Earnley, East Itchenor, East Wittering, Selsey, Sidlesham, West Itchenor, West Wittering.

It is important to monitor the diversity and abundance of wildlife and plant life, as this allows us to understand the extent to which climate change and human development, impact the Peninsula.

Your wildlife records will build an up-to-date database of information that can be shared with local organizations and government bodies, as well as guide our future conservation work.

How to record my sightings
You can fill out a recording sheet to keep track of your sightings. To enter multiple records, upload a wildlife recording sheet. To enter a single record, use the ‘enter a quick record’ online form (below).

Wildlife Recording Sheet View Printable PDF
Wildlife Recording Sheet Download Fillable Form
How to provide the location of my sighting where there is no address

To provide an exact location for your record, using WGS 48 (World Geodetic System) co-ordinates:

  • Go to google maps at
  • Find the location of your sighting and click on that area until a small grey tear drop appears.
  • Below the tear drop, a text box will appear showing two long numbers. Click on either of the numbers.

  • The left hand menu will now show the co-ordinates (eg. 50°44’00.2″N 0°46’21.4″W), which can be copied and pasted into your recording sheet.

Enter a quick record of a sighting for a single date, location and species, with the option to include photo evidence or upload your wildlife recording sheet, for multiple records. We welcome records of all wildlife, not just endangered species. Include plants you see, too!

Enter a quick record Upload Multiple Records