Eileen Savill Award 2017: Wild Writing

The Award is now in its sixth year and for 2017 we want you to celebrate the world of minibeasts in a piece of creative writing.

Much of the rest of the natural world depends on minibeasts so they are very special, yet we can see them every day. Think of butterflies, bees, bugs, beetles, moths, dragonflies, worms, woodlice, ants and spiders. The list is endless…

We would like you to produce a story, poem, letter, diary, speech or rap about a minibeast or minibeasts. It can be presented as: a handwritten piece, a word document – with or without illustrations – a storyboard/ comic strip, a video, a sound recording or an animation. Text may be scribed or typed by a friend or adult but all words and illustrations must be the work of the entrant.

Ideas to get you writing

  • Produce a picture book – older writers could write and illustrate one for a younger audience. There are plenty of great picture books with minibeasts as subjects to give you ideas
  • Write a letter from a minibeast to the human race explaining the problems they are facing and what we could do to help them
  • A minibeast autobiography – imagine you are a minibeast telling your life story or part of it
  • A minibeast faces a problem/challenge in their life and your story is how they tackle it – it could be a new housing development, a polluted pond, food shortage, etc.
  • An imaginary encounter with a minibeast – perhaps you have somehow shrunk to enter the minibeast world so everything is now life size
  • A minibeast on a quest meets other minibeasts and learns about them as they help out, or not
  • What would our world be like if ants, spiders, bees or any other minibeast ruled the planet, instead of humans?
  • A minibeast’s diary – see the world through their eyes for a day or days
  • A letter/ email from the minibeast family describing what they do for us for free and how things would be different without them
  • What would be on the menu at the Minibeast Summer Ball? – can you produce a beautifully illustrated copy for this grand event
  • How about an interview with a ‘celebrity’ minibeast – what would you want to ask?
  • The amazing range of fabulous features of minibeasts could be good themes for raps and poems
  • The story of a minibeast growing into a beautiful adult – rather like ‘The Ugly Duckling’

The judges will be looking for an engaging plot or theme, the thoughtful choice of language as well as some understanding of minibeasts. So write about what you know or do some research or, better still, find some minibeasts and watch what they do.

We welcome entries from any young person below 25 years of age who lives on the Manhood Peninsula or attends school there. Prizes will be awarded for different age categories, depending on the spread and number of entries, and an overall Award winner chosen.

The closing date for entries is the 31st July 2017 and you may submit your entry any time before this date.

All entries must be accompanied by the following information:

  • Name and age of entrant
  • Name of who to contact and their email or telephone number

Entries can be either sent to 28 Vincent Road, Selsey, West Sussex, PO20 9DQ (collection can be arranged if required) or emailed to chairmt@mwhg.org.uk


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