Eileen Savill Award 2015

Time for a Challenge

We would like to invite you to take part in the Eileen Savill Award this year. This is an Environmental Award we organise for young people.

The Award has two aims: firstly, to celebrate those who are already caring for their local environment and, secondly, to encourage others to get involved. In previous years we have concentrated on the first aim by seeking nominations. This year we want to focus on the second, by encouraging young people to carry out a long term study of one aspect of the natural world. Their observations and findings can be recorded in any way they choose, such as a video, journal, artwork, CD, DVD, spreadsheet, etc., or any combination of these.

A winner or winners in each age group will be chosen and all will receive prizes. An overall winner will gain the Award.

The natural world is so diverse that the choice of subjects is extensive. The list of suggestions is by no means comprehensive and I am sure that imagination will reveal many more, so don’t be limited by it.

The Challenge

To study an aspect of nature for a year and to record your observations and findings

 Award Guidelines

  • There will be 4 age groups: 4-7 years, 8-11yrs, 12-16yrs and 17-24yrs
  • Observations may be recorded in any way you choose – artwork, photography, writing, on CD or DVD, as a spreadsheet, etc, or any combination
  • Winners will be selected for each age group and an overall winner of the Award chosen from these. All winners will receive prizes.
  • All projects/studies must be submitted by 1st July 2015. These can be collected or sent to 28 Vincent Road, Selsey, West Sussex. PO20 9DQ
  • The following information must accompany each submission:
Name and Contact details of entrant[s] Age(s) [at date of submission] Title/description of project/study


  • Although the study must be long term – covering all the seasons, the frequency and total number of observations/visits is up to you.
  • Winners will be notified by September 2015.
  • Entrants do not have to live on the Manhood Peninsula but the observations must take place there
  • Please indicate that you are taking part by emailing Joe [email below]

Suggestions for projects/studies – A Year in the Life of…

  • a tree
  • a hedge
  • a pond
  • a lawn
  • birds at feeders
  • a container garden
  • a metre square of grass
  • a metre square of soil
  • life under a stone
  • a log pile
  • a minibeast tower
  • a flower border
  • an old wall
  • a bush or shrub
  • a particular plant
  • artificial habitats
  • an area of seashore, park, reedbed, garden, meadow or any other local patch of nature

Or any idea of your own!

Contact Joe on 01243 607104 or email joesavill@fsmail.net for further details or support.

Eileen Savill lived in Selsey for almost 50 years and devoted her life to encouraging young people by teaching for 23 years at Manhood School [now The Academy, Selsey]. She always saw the potential in young people and nurtured it, even when others had written certain young people off. She was a founder member of the MWHG and contributed artwork and photographs to many of the group’s publications. Eileen loved the area and was passionate about preserving and celebrating its heritage. She was also an active volunteer in many of Selsey’s groups, including the RNLI and Camera Club. She spent her life giving.

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