Dear Subscribers: Transitioning to MailChimp Emails

Dear Members, Volunteers and Subscribers to Our Newsletter,

Please note that you will start receiving our communications, currently sent out by Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group [MWHG] member Pam Barnes, through the email marketing service, Mailchimp. Any emails you receive from us via Mailchimp will have been written and sent by the familiar staff, members and project leaders, who currently correspond with you.

Emails from us will be delivered from ‘Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group’, contain a reply-to email address ending in ‘’ and will contain our registered office details at the end of the email: ‘55 High Street, Selsey, West Sussex PO20 0RB’. Options to change your email preferences or to unsubscribe, plus links to sign up to our other subscriptions will also be available at the end of each email. Emails will transition to being delivered through Mailchimp, from September 16th 2019 – please check your email account’s promotions and spam folders, if you do not see correspondence from us after this date.


If you have previously signed up as a member, either online through our website or via a paper form, you will receive emails regarding membership related news and events. By continuing to subscribe to this membership news, your membership status is confirmed on our database.


If you have previously signed up to be a volunteer on our website, have been a volunteer who has asked a project leader to email through upcoming events to you, or if you expressed an interest in volunteering when signing up to be a member, you will receive volunteer related news and events. By continuing to subscribe to this volunteering news, your volunteer status is confirmed on our database.

Newsletter Subscribers

If you have previously signed up to be a member, as stated above, or have signed up to receive the newsletter via the subscription form on our website, you will receive all new newsletter releases. By continuing to subscribe to the newsletter, your subscription status is confirmed on our database.

Why the Change to Mailchimp?

By transitioning to using the Mailchimp service to manage membership and volunteer contact details, we will not only be able to deliver secure email communications with our supporters, but we will also be able to bring you news at a frequency of your choice and we can interact with you through our emails more directly. For example, emails regarding upcoming events will allow you to ‘click and confirm’ your attendance, within the email itself.

Mailchimp is an established service used by many organisations – you likely receive a number of emails delivered by Mailchimp already, sometimes with their logo removed from the email itself – which takes subscriber’s data privacy seriously. Read Mailchimp’s privacy policy here:

Please do not hesitate to send any questions you may have regarding this change, to Nicola Timney at:

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