9 Volunteering Questions from the FLOW Project Team

The Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands (FLOW) project team would like to hear from you, to help us learn more about what motivates people to volunteer for charities.
Please take the survey* which is relevant to you, either the ‘Opinions on Volunteering Survey’ or the ‘FLOW Volunteer Feedback Form’, according to the descriptions below. 

If you have not volunteered for the FLOW project before, please take the ‘Opinions on Volunteering Survey’ to tell us about conservation issues which are important to you, what interests you about volunteering and which conservation projects you’d like to see us implement in future. This survey has 9 questions and is suitable for those who:

  • do not already volunteer for any charities
  • do volunteer for other charities
  • do volunteer for the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group, but not for the FLOW project

Take the ‘Opinions on Volunteering Survey’

If you have volunteered for the FLOW project before, please give us feedback on your experience of volunteering for the project, let us know where we can do better, tell us why this conservation work matters to you and describe any projects you’d like to see us create in future, via the ‘FLOW Volunteer Feedback Form’. This form has 9 questions, in total.

Complete the ‘FLOW Volunteer Feedback Form’

* These surveys are hosted by Survey Monkey and have been set to not record IP addresses, to keep your feedback anonymous. 

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